Staufer Model, After Johann Georg Staufer, Austria

Finishhardened French polish
Scale Length640mm (25.2") 18 frets
Nut width49.2mm (1 15/16")or narrow 44.45mm (1 3/4")
Bracingladder, angled

This guitar model is made in the style of 19th Century builder Johann Georg Staufer.

This guitar is easy to play due to a shorter scale (string) length with an optional slightly more narrow fingerboard width at the nut.

This model has beautiful, sweet sound with a characteristic 19th century guitar sound. It is very loud and focused, a very strong instrument!

NOT FRICTION TUNERS - The tuners are PegHeds with internal gearing.

The peg heads look like standard friction peg heads but they are really internally geared so they work as smoothly as machine heads.
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