Luthien Model

Topwestern red cedar
BackIndian rosewood
SidesIndian rosewood
Finishhardened French polish
Scale Length650mm (25.6") 20 frets
Nut width49.2mm (1 15/16")
Bracingafter Hernandez and Aguado
TunersIrving Sloane

Beautiful mellow, dark 'Spanish' sound. This model also has a 12 hole bridge design which improves the 'string fall' over the bridge saddle.

-Hauser shape and size

-The modern design of lining the sides to stiffen them to allow the top to vibrate without torsion effects on the sides

This guitar is, loud, clear and resonant and fun to play.

What does 'Beren' mean? In Tolkien's tales, Beren was a mortal man who married Luthien Tinuviel, a beautiful elven princess.

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